Diesel Power

Additive for Diesel

Fuels have changed but the features of Petrolabs Diesel Power have not.

Petrolabs Diesel Power is compatible with all grades of fuel and can be used year round providing several benefits.

Used regularly, Petrolabs Diesel Power can offer the following benefits:
• Totally disperses water.
• Removes gum and varnish.
• Creates hydrogen polar bonding.
• Acts as a corrosion inhibitor.
• Cleans entire fuel injector system.
• Acts as a fuel stabilizer.
• Increases combustion for greater efficiency.
• Controls bacteria growth.
• Controls waxing and gelling.
• Lubricates entire fuel system.
• Contains No Alcohols!
• Prevents formation of acids.
• Prevents icing in fuel.
• Greater efficiency means more power and increased fuel economy.

Bottling sizes may vary on each country.

1 litre treats 4.000 litres.