PETROLABS MARINE BIO DIESEL POWER is a highly concentrated fuel treatment for #2 Diesel (high and low sulfur), #1 Diesel, #4 Fuel Oil, #6 Bunker Fuel, and all grades of gasoline. Petrolabs Marine Bio Diesel Power stabilizes fuel in several ways because it totally disperses water. Water is the number one problem in any petroleum-based fuel system. Elimination of water halts the growth of algae and bacteria, which can grow into tank slime, and even slime mats. These plug filters and the waste products of algae and bacteria are acids that cause tank, fuel pump, and fuel injector corrosion. Water passing through pumps and fuel injectors can severely damage these delicate parts.

Used regularly, Petrolabs Marine Bio Diesel Power can offer the following benefits:
• Totally disperses water.
• Controls algae and bacteria.
• Reduces fuel consumption.
• Contains NO alcohol.
• Prevents icing, controls waxing and gelling.
• Controls fuel system varnish, gum, sludge, and corrosion.
• Decarbonizes and cleans fuel injectors.
• Stabilizes all fuels, reduces oxidation.
• Contains NO petroleum distillates.
• Reduces exhaust smoke, NO emissions.
• Lubricates cylinder walls and fuel injectors.
• For extended engine life.
• Improves cetane level for easier starting increased power, quieter, smoother running.

Bottling sizes may vary on each country.

1 litre treats 1.500 litres.